Rental Conditions

Rental Conditions

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- 21 years of age for economic group vehicles
- 23 years of age for middle group vehicles - 25 years of age for upper group vehicles - and over. Driving license period - At least 3 years for economic group vehicles - At least 3 years for middle group vehicles - Upper and luxury group vehicles Having a driver's license for at least 5 years

Since the above prerequisites will be required when renting, you can pick up the vehicle if you have your driver's license and credit card with you. Our customers who are not Turkish citizens are required to additionally carry their passport and a document showing that the date of entry to Turkey is less than 6 months. Our foreign licensed customers who have been in Turkey for more than 6 months are required to show a Turkish Driving License.
If Bodrum My Rent a Car does not meet the car rental conditions, the vehicle will not be delivered even if a reservation has been made. Credit card use and deposit. Our renting customers are required to have a credit card issued in their name at the time of rental. This credit card must be available for internet use. On-site payment reservation conditions. You can cancel free of charge. In order to finalize your reservation, our officials may request payment of the rental fee 24 hours before your rental. If you do not want to pay, your reservation can be canceled by us. Cancellation notifications must be made in writing to or verbally to our reservation center via +905326708948. Price ConditionsServices and products included in Bodrum My Rent a Car pricesThe following services and products are included in all the prices you see on the site. Included: - Coverage for Benefiting from Exempt Accident Insurance - Exempt Accident Insurance (CDW) is included in all prices. Exempt Accident Insurance covers damage in the event of a collision. If the insurance conditions are met, the customer compensates for the damage resulting from the collision, in amounts varying depending on the vehicle group. This insurance does not cover damage that is not caused by a collision (parking lot, rubber glass headlights).

ATTENTION !! In the following cases, the Insurance Benefit Guarantee will be invalid and any damage that may occur will not be covered by the insurance:
- Allowing the vehicle to be used by persons other than those whose names are written on the rental contract, - Using the vehicle outside normal usage conditions (using the vehicle with high engine temperature, bad road conditions or walking on flat tires, filling the vehicle with wrong fuel and other similar situations), - Using the vehicle outside of traffic rules (exceeding legal speed limits, crossing red lights and other similar violations), - Using the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, - A load carried in the vehicle may cause damage or an accident -
Using the vehicle carelessly and without taking precautions (failure to adjust the speed according to road conditions in rainy weather, not following the vehicle in front at the minimum safety distance and other similar uses), - Failure to notify the
contact numbers given to the customer immediately of an accident or theft of the vehicle, Abandoning the vehicle at the scene of the accident (except if there is a disabling condition determined by a doctor's report), - Failure to obtain the necessary reports (traffic and alcohol report) from the relevant authorities within 48 hours in case of an accident, - Failure to return the original key in case the vehicle is stolen. - Without approval and Failure to deliver the vehicle despite the end of the rental period, - Damage to the vehicle or the other party due to the loads carried inside the vehicle, - Damages to tires, glass or headlights are not included in the Exempt Accident Insurance - Financial compensation amounts arising from damage to third parties, compulsory financial It is covered under liability insurance coverage. The customer is responsible for amounts outside the coverage limits.

Services and products excluded from our prices

- Non-Exempt Accident Assurance (Top Cover CDW)
In case of an accident, it will eliminate the tenant's liability in amounts varying depending on the rented vehicle group, as well as damages up to the exemption amount that occur without any collision (damages not involving third parties, such as parking lot etc.) with the customer declaration and the police. - Theft Assurance: It guarantees the "business loss compensation" arising in the period between the theft of the vehicle and the insurance payment.- Third Party Liability Assurance: Material damages caused to third parties by the vehicle are covered within the limits determined by compulsory traffic insurance.- One-Way Fee: If the vehicle is wanted to be rented or delivered at a point other than the specified stations, a one-way fee is applied. (Please ask for availability) - HGS The usage fee for the HGS service used on toll highways and bridges and an additional 10 TL/rental service fee are collected separately from the rental fee. - Additional KM Package: Depending on the vehicle group you have selected, a daily limit of 200 kilometers is applied. You can learn this information during the reservation - Additional Driver. If the driver's license is shown and the rental prerequisites are met (except for the deposit requirement), a fee of 100 TL/day will be charged for the second driver and each subsequent driver. - Baby and Child SeatBaby and child seats can be provided in the vehicles. If you specify it during your reservation, our reservation officers will inform you. - Change Requests in the Rental Contract Bodrum Car Rental price and the reservation confirmation given are given according to the conditions initially agreed. In cases where it is not possible to operationally meet a change that may be requested under these conditions (the vehicle has a reservation, maintenance mileage is due, etc.), this request may not be met. Even if the change request is accepted, an additional fee may be charged as this will change the initially determined price calculation. For early returns, 20% of the amount to be refunded is deducted as early return fee and the remaining amount is refunded . A change in any of the following conditions may change the rental terms. The request for extension of the rental period is received by phone at the first extension and the fee is collected and confirmed by mail order. In subsequent extension requests, the vehicle must be brought to one of Bodrum My Rent a Car offices and checked.
- Change of return date and time (extension/early return) - Change of return station - Change of vehicle group - Request to add an additional driver to the contract - Time difference The rental period is 24 hours. An amount of 30% of the daily rental fee may be requested for each hour of late delivery. Delays in vehicle delivery without approval may cause the Insurance Benefit Coverage (Full or Exempt Accident Coverage) to be disabled, as well as cause an additional time difference fee to be incurred. - Traffic Fine Service Expense: The tenant is responsible for the traffic fines arising from the use of the vehicle during your rental, Bodrum My Rent a. Even if Car pays the penalty fee to the relevant institution, it will request the penalty fee separately from the tenant. - Other Operational Extras You can get information about the price and availability of the services you think you may need during your journey by informing our reservation officers. - Reservation Conditions The reservations you have made through our website are valid under the following conditions: From our website. Your information entries are made in a secure environment. After completing the reservation, you will receive an e-mail to the e-mail address you specified, confirming that a reservation has been received as specified. You must keep this e-mail, it will not be possible to access this e-mail through the site again. You are deemed to have accepted in advance that Bodrum Car Rental will send an e-mail for marketing and announcement purposes to the e-mail address you provided during the reservation. In case of any inconsistency in the reservation information such as price, vehicle group, rental dates, Bodrum My Rent a Car records will be taken as basis. Bodrum My Rent a Car cannot be held responsible for typographical errors or possible missing information. In case of a request to change the reservation conditions you have made (moving the return date earlier or later, changing the return station, changing the vehicle group, requesting to add an additional driver to the contract), the request may not be met and must not be met. In this case, an additional fee may be requested or a discount on the rental fee may not be made. All prices you see on our site include Exempt Accident Assurance, VAT and the specified mileage right. If there is a change in the rental day during the reservation and rental phase, the standard list price specified in the rental contract will be applied. The rental contract will be signed during the rental. Even if you have made a reservation, Bodrum My Rent a Car may not deliver the vehicle if deemed necessary. You can call our call center for detailed information. Although it is not a common practice, the selected vehicle brand and model in your reservation can be replaced with an equivalent vehicle. Although all precautions have been taken to avoid any problems during your travels, in case of a possible need, please call the contact numbers that will be notified to you. Be sure. Following your reservation, you will receive a call or a message from our reservations department. You can make your payment by "mail order" with your credit card or with your credit card when you pick up the vehicle. Depending on the vehicle group you rent, a pre-authorization of at least 3000 TL may be blocked from your credit card.

Bodrum Rent a Car may cancel the delivery of the vehicle if deemed necessary (mechanical malfunction in the vehicle received from the previous customer, accident situation, suspicion of covid-19 epidemic, etc.) by refunding the fee you have paid, if any, even if a definitive reservation has been made.
The reservations you make on our Website are valid if you read and accept the "Car Rental Conditions", "Price Conditions" and "Site Terms of Use".